Terms and conditions

Article 1. Subject
The Dunkerque Dunes de Flandre Tourism and Convention Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “OTDK”) is a Public Interest Association governed by the Act of 1 July 1901, headquartered at 4 place Charles Valentin – 59140 Dunkerque, France
Phone : +33 (0)3 28 26 27 27
e-mail: tourisme.dunesdeflandre@ot-dunkerque.fr
Web site : www.dunkirk-tourism.com
(hereafter referred to as “the website”).

OTDK is registered as a travel and tourism operator under reference IM059100017.
OTDK essentially offers an online tourist ticketing service (guided tours,
themed tours, etc.), online accommodation booking and an online shop.
These terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as the “GCS”) govern only orders placed and paid for on the website in the context of using the online ticketing and booking service. As such, orders for which the site refers the customer to partner service providers (hereinafter referred to as “service providers”) of OTDK are excluded from the scope of these GCS, such services being provided and managed under the sole responsibility of the aforementioned service providers, under the contractual conditions applicable to them.
The customer is therefore expressly informed and acknowledges that the services ordered or booked via the site may be subject, in addition to these GCS, to the general or special conditions of the service providers. It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to take note of those additional contractual conditions prior to any purchase or booking of services on the website.
In the event that one of the provisions of these GCS is declared null or void, that provision shall be deemed not to exist, without prejudice to the validity of the other provisions.

Article 2. Orders
Any order or booking made and paid for via the website implies full and total prior approval of these GCS by the customer by ticking the box provided for that purpose and, where applicable, approval of
the applicable contractual conditions of the partner service provider as regards the service in question. Without such approval, the continuation of the order process is technically impossible.
It is stipulated that the photographs published on the website are not contractually binding. By placing an order or booking a service on the website, the customer acknowledges that he or she has received all desired information concerning the nature and characteristics of the service. If the customer considers that he or she is not sufficiently aware of the characteristics of the services he or she wishes to order, he
or she may, prior to the placing of any order, request additional information on those services from OTDK.
The customer certifies the truth and accuracy of all information that he or she communicates to OTDK in the context of using services and, in that connection, guarantees OTDK against any third party action or
demand as regards illegal or fraudulent use of his or her data by a user in the context of use of services.
Any use of the website that is or could be deemed fraudulent, or that is contrary to these GCS, shall justify denial to the user of access to the services offered by partners or other functions of the website.
The contract concluded online by the customer with OTDK shall become firm and final, and OTDK shall be bound to provide the service, once the customer has carried out the final confirmation of the information entered and the service ordered, and once the customer has unreservedly approved the GCS and, where applicable, the contractual conditions of service provides and paid the totality of the price of the services to be paid for directly to OTDK.
However, where the contract applies to the booking of accommodation services only, the contract is concluded provisionally, subject to confirmation of availability for the desired dates.
OTDK shall send an email or letter confirming the order or booking made by the customer on the website in due time prior to the beginning of the ordered or booked services. This confirmation email or letter shall be sent to the email or postal address provided by the user in the order or booking form and shall include the contractual information required under Article L.121 - 19 of the French Consumer Code (Code de la consommation), including the ordered service(s) and the details of the service provider, the price paid to OTDK and, where applicable, the remaining balance due from the customer to the partner,
delivery charges and the address to which the customer may submit complaints.
The attention of the customer is expressly drawn to the importance for him or her to check the accuracy of the information entered and to correct it if necessary, in accordance with the possibilities offered by
the website, prior to any final confirmation. No order or booking carried out on the website is amendable online at a later stage.

Article 3. Absence of a right of withdrawal
In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, the customer is informed that he or she does not have a right of withdrawal from the distance purchase of “accommodation, transport, catering or leisure services” whether they are booked or ordered on the website together, in the form of a tourist package, or separately, for a given date or at regular intervals.
However, concerning purchases made from the OTDK online shop, the customer has 14 working days from the date of delivery of his or her order to cancel the order and return any item deemed by him or
her to be unsatisfactory and request exchange or refund without any penalty, save for the cost of returning the goods, which remains at his or her expense. The product must be returned to OTDK complete, not dismantled and in its original packaging, using a delivery service with tracking) postal service, to the following address:
Office de Tourisme et des Congrès
4 place Charles Valentin
59140 Dunkerque France

OTDK shall refund the to the customer all sums paid, including delivery costs, with no unjustified delay and at the latest within 30
days following the date upon which it is informed of the customer’s decision to withdraw. OTDK may, however, postpone the refund until the recovery of the goods or until the customer has provided proof of
having dispatched these goods, with the applicable date being that of the earlier of these events.

Article 4. Specific conditions for the ticketing service
OTDK proposes on the website a tourism and leisure ticketing service.
Tickets that can be ordered on the website are generally subject to a specified validity period or, in some cases, are purchased for a given date, as mentioned on the website. By making final confirmation of an
order on the website, the customer acknowledges that he or she has fully taken note of the date or period of validity applicable to the order. Any ticket not used on the specified date or during the stipulated
period of validity is not refundable.
Once the contract has been concluded online as above, OTDK shall proceed with delivery of the order to the delivery address and in accordance with the mode of delivery chosen by the customer during his or her order on the website. The various modes, places and estimated timescales of delivery offered by OTDK are presented on the website, as are delivery charges. The order may also be collected by the
customer at the main office of OTDK at the address and under the terms figuring on the website, upon presentation of the order confirmation email.
OTDK rejects any liability as regards any delayed or impossible delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, industrial action or other failures of national or international postal services, weather events and disruptions, and will refuse to refund orders.
During receipt by the customer of an order by any means of delivery, it is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the tickets delivered are as ordered.
As regards guided tours, in the absence of provisions to the contrary agreed with OTDK, the meeting place is indicated in the description text of each guided tour.
The customer must go to the meeting place given on his or her booking document.
The indicated times must be respected in order to ensure the service is provided successfully. In the event of late arrival, a postponement of the activity may be offered to the customer. If no replacement date can be found, only the customer is responsible for his or her late arrival and will not be refunded.
In the event of cancellation of a guided tour by OCTL, it must inform the customer by all possible means. Without prejudice to any claims for compensation of any potential damages, the customer shall be refunded all money paid, without penalty.
These provisions shall not apply where an amicable agreement is eached whereby the customer accepts another guided tour offered by OTDK.

Article 5. Specific conditions for the booking of accommodation
OTDK offers an accommodation booking service where the availabilities of its partners are displayed in real-time on the site, based on information those partners provide to it. That real-time display is,
however, given on an indicative basis only, given that transactions could take place simultaneously, and cannot be considered binding upon OTDK. Only the confirmation email sent by OTDK constitutes a final confirmation by OTDK of the booking placed by the customer. The booking confirmation email sent by OTDK includes the booking number and constitutes proof of booking. No other proof of booking shall be sent to the customer by mail or any other means. It is the responsibility of the customer to show this confirmation email at the reception of the hotel on the day of arrival (or, failing that, show an identity document belonging to the person in whose name the booking was made).
A completed booking request cannot be amended by the customer online. Any request for amendment must be sent directly to OTDK, which will process the request and inform the hotel of the change.
A booking may be cancelled by the customer, so long as it is carried out less than 48 hours prior to the arrival day given in the booking, and subject to be made in writing, except offers for which it is specified “not cancelable” and/or “not refundable”.
Any cancellation of a booking less than 48 hours prior to the
planned day of arrival of the customer may lead to charges being taken by the hotel under its own contractual conditions.
Any request for cancellation not made by the customer in writing using the contact details provided in the booking confirmation email cannot be processed by OTDK, which will not be liable for any charges taken by the hotel in accordance with the above terms.
In the event of a late arrival at booked accommodation, the customer is strongly recommended to inform the accommodation provider directly of the arrival time. The client must take note of the opening hours of the booked establishment
Article 6. Price
The prices of the services mentioned on the website are given in euros and are inclusive of all taxes.
They include the VAT applicable on the day of ordering or placement of bookings. The prices do not include the communication charges linked to the use of the services, which remain at the expense of the customer.
It is recalled that the prices of the services mentioned on the website stem from the prices charged by OTDK for services concerning it and by service providers; OTDK has no involvement whatsoever in the
setting of their prices. These prices are updated on the website as the prices charged by OTDK and services providers change, it being stipulated that these changes shall not be applicable to orders that have already been confirmed. The price of the services charged to the customer corresponds to the current prices on the day of the final confirmation of the order or the booking request by the customer on the website. Payment of services takes place online at the time of booking or order, by credit card, using the secure electronic payment system provided on the website. It is stipulated that all payments by credit card result in a systematic debit authorization hold. As the order or booking request becomes final following full payment of the price of the services due to OTDK, any refusal, for whatever reason, shall result in the order or booking request being abandoned and not being processed by OTDK.
The price of the services ordered via the ticketing service is paid fully to OTDKL via the website.
The price of hotel nights displayed on the website includes the facilities displayed under the selected room category. This price does not include city tax and extras (such as breakfast, car parking, etc.) that may be selected by the customer during the booking process. The price of the services as displayed in the summary of the booking request, prior to any final confirmation by the customer, corresponds to the total charge for the services owed by the customer, including any extras selected, apart from the city tax. The price of services is recalled in the booking
confirmation email sent by OTDK.
To make a final confirmation of a booking request, the customer must provide his or her bank details via the secure electronic payment system provided on the website. The total price of the services shall be paid by the customer directly to the hotel during his or her stay.
The customer is, however, informed that the bank details provided shall be conserved securely in lieu of a deposit. They may be communicated to the hotel, which may use them to retain charges in the event of
cancellation, in accordance with the hotel’s contractual conditions.

Article 7.
Amendments and applicability of these GCS and Services
These GCS and/or the content of the services may be altered at any time by OTDK in order to respond to changes made to its website and/or services and/or to services by its partners, or to developments in applicable regulations and any other changes implemented by OTDK. The version of these GCS applicable to the customer is that displayed on the website at the time of final confirmation by the customer of his or her order or request for booking.
The services provided to the customer are those given in the order or booking confirmation email, in accordance with the content of the services as described on the website at the time of order or booking.

Article 8. Liability of OTDK
OTDK declines liability for the total or partial failure to fulfil the contract resulting from a case of force majeure, third parties to the contract or the fault of the customer. In particular, OTDK may not be held liable for mistakes made by the customer during the entry of the information required in online forms, or in the event of fraudulent use by a third party of the identify or means of payment of the customer, as identified in an order or booking request.
Moreover, OTDK may not be held liable for any sort of damages resulting from temporary unavailability of the website or an interruption of the connection between the customer’s terminal equipment and the OTDK website during an order or booking request.
Article 9. Evidence
The customer acknowledges that the data recorded by OTDK during orders and bookings made on the website constitute proof of all past transactions with the customer and that the data recorded by the
electronic payment system provided on the website constitute proof of financial transactions.

Article 10. Personal data
OTDK collects personal data concerning the customer in the framework of services provided on the website, on its own behalf and for its partners and service providers, in order to process and carry out orders placed and bookings requested on the website by the customer.
In particular, the customer is informed that his or her bank details, provided on the website during a hotel booking, are stored securely. By placing an order or requesting a booking on the website, the customer expressly agrees that his or her bank data may be passed on to the service provider concerned.
The processing of personal data carried out in this framework by OTDK in its capacity as data controller via the website has been declared to the French National Commission on Data Processing and Liberties
The personal data of the customer are processed by OTDK in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation of 25th May 2018 as amended, both as data controller and as a
subcontractor of OTDK partners.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the customer has a right of access, amendment and deletion of the data concerning him or her, as well as a right to oppose the processing of his or her data for legitimate reasons. The customer may exercise these rights by sending a letter by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt, along with a copy of a valid identity document, to the following address:

Office de Tourisme et des Congrès
4 place Charles Valentin
59140 Dunkerque France
Or by sending an e-mail to tourisme.dunesdeflandre@ot-dunkerque.fr

Article 11. Intellectual property
OTDK is the owner of all intellectual property rights attached to the website and its components, or holds the licences required by the owners of these rights.
Consequently, it is forbidden to reproduce, alter, transfer or exploit all or part of the website without the express written authorization of OTDK; a partial reproduction is, however, permitted for strictly private use.
It is forbidden to sell on products or to use the website for commercial purposes without the express written authorization of OTDK.