Dunkirk Operation Dynamo aerial tour

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Operation Dynamo aerial tour

Imagine being a pilot in the RAF during Wold War II and experience a thrilling flight over the city of Dunkirk. Prepare yourself to relive Operation Dynamo on board a light aircraft.
Your flight path will take you over the following sites:

The East Mole:
This is the location where Allied Soldiers amassed before being rescued. 200 000 of them were safely evacuated from this breakwater, which also plays an important role in the movie "Dunkirk", released in 2017.

The evacuation beaches:
While you fly over the famous beaches of the seaside resort of Dunkirk Malo-Les-Bains, you can imagine what the pilots saw and experienced during the air operations.

The Zuydcoote military hospital:
The sanatorium of Zuydcoote was transformed into a military hospital in 1940. Tens of thousands of soldiers were treated here though many did not survive.

The shipwrecks of Zuydcoote:
During Operation Dynamo many ships were sunk. Now, when the tides are low, you can still see the wrecks of the Devonia and the Crested Eagle.

Bray Dunes:
A notable part of the evacuation occured on the Bray-Dunes beaches. Time was running out as the German army was getting closer and closer and thousands of soldiers had no way out other than by the sea.

This 15 minute flight will give you a rare overview of the key sites of Operation Dynamo.

Set price : € 155 for up to 3 passengers

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